The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Library in Jakarta.


  1. ILO Standards and COVID-19 (coronavirus)

    29 May 2020

    FAQ - Key provisions of international labour standards relevant to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak
    (29 May 2020, Version 2.1)

  2. Safety and health in micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises: A collection of five case studies

    28 May 2020

    The five case studies - conducted in Cameroon, Colombia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Tunisia – describe the occupational safety and health (OSH) situation in MSMEs and the initiatives adopted in this field.

  3. ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work. 4th edition

    27 May 2020

  4. COVID-19: policy responses in Indonesia (Last updated: 19 May 2020)

    20 May 2020

    Countries, including Indonesia, are taking unprecedented measures to combat the spread of the disease, while ameliorating its pernicious effect on the economy and labour market.

  5. COVID-19: policy responses in Timor-Leste (Last updated: 19 May 2020)

    20 May 2020

    Countries, including Timor-Leste, are taking unprecedented measures to combat the spread of the disease, while ameliorating its pernicious effect on the economy and labour market.

  6. The clock is ticking for survival of Indonesian enterprises, jobs at risk

    18 May 2020

    Key findings of the ILO SCORE Indonesia COVID-19 enterprise survey of 571 enterprises in April 2020 which was conducted with constituents and implementing partners.

  7. Social protection responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries: Strengthening resilience by building universal social protection

    14 May 2020

    Social protection is an indispensable mechanism for delivering support to individuals during the crisis. This document takes a detailed look at the role of social protection measures in addressing the COVID-19 outbreak in developing countries

  8. Sickness benefits during sick leave and quarantine: Country responses and policy considerations in the context of COVID-19

    14 May 2020

    The COVID-19 health crisis has revealed important coverage gaps in terms of entitlements to social protection in case of sickness.

  9. Safe return to work: Guide for employers on COVID-19 prevention

    07 May 2020

    This Guide has been developed by the ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ILO-ACT/EMP) and contains recommendations for health and safety practices and approaches to COVID-19 prevention.The publication aims to provide general guidance and information to employers on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, to enable workers to return to work safely while keeping the risk of contamination as low as possible. It also provides ideas on how to protect workers’ mental well-being during the pandemic.

  10. COVID-19 crisis and the informal economy: Immediate responses and policy challenges

    05 May 2020

    This policy brief focuses on the immediate responses that countries can take to address the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on the informal economy at its early stages, while pointing to areas that will need sustained investment in the future in order to ensure well-being and decent work for workers and economic undertakings in the informal economy. This brief will be followed by another on mid- to long-term responses, once the rapid propagation phase of the virus has passed.

  11. Protecting migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

    30 April 2020

    Recommendations for Policy-makers and Constituents

  12. ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work. 3rd Edition

    29 April 2020

  13. Technical webinar: Environmental Regulatory Systems in the Textile & Garment Sector

    29 April 2020

    The technical webinar will bring together experts in the field to discuss preliminary findings and emerging themes. The webinar is a consultation dialogue with the taskforce members of the Textile Eco-innovation Research Network (TERN) of the Decent Work in the Garment Sector Supply Chains in Asia project (ILO-Sida).

  14. In the face of a pandemic: Ensuring Safety and Health at Work

    28 April 2020

  15. © Mladen ANTONOV / AFP 2020

    COVID-19 and employment in the tourism sector: Impact and response in Asia and the Pacific

    24 April 2020

    This note offers the ILO’s preliminary assessment concerning the possible impacts of COVID-19 on employment in the tourism sector of the Asia-Pacific region and proposes a range of policy options to mitigate these impacts and facilitate strong and fast recovery.

  16. Social protection responses to the COVID-19 crisis: Country responses and policy considerations

    22 April 2020

    Social protection systems are an indispensable part of a coordinated policy response to the unfolding crisis, ensuring that people can effectively access health care while supporting job and income security for those most affected.

  17. © M. Fossat / ILO 2020

    COVID-19 and the impact on agriculture and food security

    20 April 2020

    While working to feed the world, many agricultural workers are unable to lift themselves out of poverty and food insecurity. As the pandemic spreads, the continued functioning of food supply chains is crucial in preventing a food crisis and reducing the negative impact on the global economy. Coordinated policy responses are needed to support agribusiness and the livelihoods and working conditions of millions of agricultural workers in line with relevant international labour standards.

  18. Government of Indonesia’s response to Covid-19: Analysis of ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities

    10 April 2020

    How Government of Indonesia is responding to the pandemic of COVID-19? (ACTRAV) - 6 April 2020

  19. Managing Conflicts and Disasters: Exploring Collaboration between Employers’ and Workers’ Organizations

    09 April 2020

    This publication looks at the role that employers and workers, through their respective organizations, play in crisis situations arising from conflict and disaster.

  20. COVID-19: policy responses in Indonesia

    07 April 2020

    During the initial phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, Indonesia and its social partners have implemented decisive measures to combat the spread of the disease, while ameliorating its pernicious effect on the economy and labour market. (Last updated: 7 April 2020)