Events and meetings


  1. Launch of Road Map on Care Economy in Indonesia

    28 March 2024

    The Government of Indonesia has initiated on care economy at the Indonesian leadership in G20 in 2022 by acknowledging the care economy as part of G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration 2022.

  2. © Chalinee Thirasupa/ILO 2024

    Ensuring Decent Work and Reducing Vulnerabilities for Women and Children in the Context of Labour Migration in Southeast Asia Project Launch and Consultation Workshop

    25 March 2024

    Ensuring Decent Work and Reducing Vulnerabilities for Women and Children in the Context of Labour Migration in Southeast Asia (PROTECT, Protection of the Rights of Women and Children in Labour Migration) is a three-year project (2024-26) implemented by the ILO, UN Women, UNICEF and UNODC.

  3. Webinar: Gender Equality for Decent and Fair Work in Rural Areas

    24 - 27 February 2024

    Welcoming #IWD2024, Katadata and Magdalene with the ILO through Improving Workers' Rights in Rural Sectors of Indo-Pacific with a Focus on Women held a Webinar.

  4. Coordination Meeting for Developing Skills Priority and Strategy in the Electronics Sector using the ILO's STED Methodology

    19 - 20 February 2024

    The meeting aims to identify skills initiatives that ILO could assist to implement and support the piloting of sector level skills governance arrangements in the electronics sector.

  5. Training for Regional and Village Governments of Pemalang Regency on the Protection of Migrant Fishing Ship Crews

    1 - 2 February 2024

    Through this initiative, the ILO Accelerator Lab 8.7 programme (AL) aims to To strengthen the capacity and the coordination of regional and village governmental authorities in implementing the Law No 18/2017 on the Protection of Migrant Workers and the Government Regulation No 22/2022 on the Protection of Migrant Fishers.

  6. Public Education 116: Work and Care Work

    31 January 2024

    The ILO and Jurnal Perempuan launch the 116 edition of Jurnal Perempuan on Work and Care Work, highlighting the importance of the ILO's 5R Framework on Care Work (Recognition, Reduction, Redistribution, Representation and Reward).

  7. Boosting Care Economy Awareness in Indonesia via Social Media

    29 - 30 January 2024

    The training aims to support the ILO to promote the “Recognize-Reduction-Redistribute (3R)” from the above 5R Framework of Care Economy, by digital-based awareness raising and outreach activities; to community of workers, business, employers, and social partners.

  8. Digital Communications Training for Trade Unions on Care Work

    19 - 22 January 2024

    The training aims to equip the trade unionists with skills on social media and content awareness raising on issues related to care work.

  9. Launch of Social Experiment of ILO-Magdalene on Care Work

    18 January 2024

    The launch highlights and screens a documentary video about hundreds of hours spent by five women with different backgrounds on caring responsibilities and domestic work without recognizing the economic values of the care work.


  1. 3rd ILO-Korea TVET Forum: Skills Development for an Inclusive Future for Asia and the Pacific Region

    7 - 8 December 2023

    The 3rd ILO-Korea TVET Forum, co-hosted by the ILO, the Ministry of Employment and Labour of the Republic of Korea and KOREATECH, provides a platform in the continuation of support towards the region’s efforts in achieving inclusive future through enhanced skills and lifelong learning.

  2. Heroes among Us: Celebrating Differences in Ability and Expression

    6 - 10 December 2023

    Globally, people with disability, excelling in various fields from art and culture to technology and sports, often have their potential underestimated by the broader society. This exhibition will help dismantle preconceptions by revealing the profound abilities of artists with disabilities.

  3. Advancing an Inclusive Financial Ecosystem that Enables Responsible Digital Wage Payments for SMEs and Workers in Indonesia: an OJK-ILO Workshop

    6 December 2023

    The workshop is intended to facilitate discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced by financial and payroll service providers in responsibly transitioning to digital wage payments.

  4. The Launch of ILO-KataData Survey on Knowledge, Perception and Behaviour on Care Work

    15 November 2023

    The main aim of the event is to launch the key findings of the Care Work survey and to demonstrate the knowledge, perception and behaviour of the public at large (the society) towards issues related to employment and care work as well as shared obligations on care work.

  5. Financial Inclusion Months Hybrid Seminar

    27 October 2023

    Improve the role of BPRs in supporting financial access for MSMEs and financial education in the digital era

  6. Launch of the National Action Plan on Preventing and Handling HIV/AIDS at Workplace 2024-2028

    18 October 2023

    The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, with support from the ILO, launched the National Action Plan on Preventing and Handling HIV/AIDS at Workplace 2024-2028 as part of the effort to reach the goal of Ending AIDS in Indonesia by 2030.

  7. Breaking Barriers, Building Futures: ASEAN Regional Dialogue on Young People’s Skills, Employability and Transition to Decent Work

    17 - 18 October 2023

    The event is co-organized by the ASEAN Secretariat, the International Labour Organization (ILO), and UNICEF in collaboration with the UNDP, UNESCO, and UN Women, through the endorsement of the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Youth (SOMY).

  8. The Field Visit of Childcare Services and the 4th Consultative Meeting of Road Map and National Action Plan on Care Economy

    2 - 3 October 2023

    The main aim of the event is to learn from local initiatives on various approaches of child-care services provided by different types of stakeholders.

  9. Forum on Green Jobs: Transitioning to a Green and Blue Economy - Learning from North Sulawesi

    26 - 28 September 2023

    The overall objective of the Green Jobs Forum in North Sulawesi is to facilitate the transition towards a green and blue economy by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovative approaches among stakeholders.

  10. Responsible Business, Human Rights and Decent Work in Asia

    18 September 2023

    Harnessing synergies between human rights and inclusive growth

  11. Training for Enterprises on Responsible Business and Decent Work

    30 August - 8 September 2023

    The ILO and the UNDP B+HR Academy in Indonesia are organizing the first joint Training for Enterprises on Responsible Business and Decent Work, targeting mainly the Japanese investment-linked electronic manufacturing sector and its global supply chain operating in Indonesia.