Community-Based Enterprise Development (CBED) on Campus

C-BED on Campus is an exploration of youth, business and social movement. C-BED is a low-cost, easily implementable participatory training approach on business and management carried out without external trainers or resources.

ILO Jakarta Office is implementing ASEAN Small Business Competitiveness Project. The project develops and share across ASEAN Member States a set of tools to develop and upgrade specific micro/small business in common sectors, providing entrepreneurs and those who work with them guidance on how to establish, run and improve businesses—boosting competitiveness, improving services and creating jobs.

The project is currently entering its second phase: Dissemination of the toolboxes, where various channel of tools distribution is being tried. One of essential dissemination toolbox channel is through universities, whereas the participatory based toolboxes are deemed suitable to complement entrepreneurship education in the universities’ curriculum in general as well as to complement the civitas academias activities (i.e. in community development, incubation services, student extracurricular units, etc).

A one day event called “Accelerating Entrepeneurship in Campus” is to be held spontaneously in three committed universities: Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and Universitas Gajah Mada where as many as 100 students from each universities will run C-BED Aspiring Entrepreneurs toolbox (or other C-BED materials) and the faculty members will participate in a virtual FGD via web on the topic of “embedding entrepeneurship education in a non-business curriculum”.