National Seminar on Employment Diagnostic Analysis: Strengthening the Focus on Productive Employment in Province-level Development Planning

The workshop is amed to build capacity in employment diagnostic analysis among the ILO constituents and to reach a shared understanding of the nature of the main constraints and challenges to productive employment generation in Indonesia as a basis for a more coherent policy making at the provincial level.


  • Generating income opportunities, especially for the poor, in a sustainable manner is a key factor to the success of “pro-growth, pro-poor, pro-jobs and pro-environment” policy orientation. It requires strong focus on creation of productive employment and decent work at both national and provincial/district levels, given the decentralized governance structure. A particular challenge arises from the fact that Indonesian provinces are at various stages of development and endowments of skills, capital and natural resources vary. It is therefore necessary to support local policymakers and stakeholders to identify critical constraints to employment growth, which strengthens the basis for policy formulation.
  • Employment diagnostic analysis (EDA) is based on the principle that rather than having the analysis done by outside experts, those responsible for designing and implementing policies must be involved at all stages of the analysis. The ILO has piloted the EDA in three provinces of Indonesia in corporation with the local governments and social partners. Training workshops on EDA were successfully implemented in Kupang (18-20 January 2011), Surabaya (04-05 April 2011) and Ambon (11-13 April 2011). The participants of the workshops applied the EDA methodology to their province and jointly identified key constraints to employment growth.





Opening remarks

Ceppie K. Sumadilaga (Deputy for Poverty, Labor and Small & Medium Enterprises, Bappenas)

Peter van Rooij (Country Director, ILO)

H.E. Ms. Ewa Polano (Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden)


Employment analysis for development planning


Q and A


Employment diagnostic analysis in three provinces (NTT, East Java and Maluku)


Panel discussion


Q and A


Closing remarks (Senior government official and ILO)


Afternoon prayer and Lunch