Training on basic concepts of “International Trade and Employment”

“Assessing and Addressing the Effects of Trade on Employment (ETE)”, an ILO European Union funded project and the International Training Centre (ITC) ILO jointly organized a training on basic concepts of “International Trade and Employment” for Indonesian trade unions on 17 - 20 May 2010 at Hotel Alila in Jakarta.

The key objective of the training was to promote the capacity of trade unions in Indonesia by reinforcing their understanding on basic concepts of International Trade and Employment so that they can effectively participate in the dialogues aimed at the formulation and implementation of the coherent trade and employment policies in Indonesia. A total of 11 representatives from four trade union confederations (KSPSI Kalibata, KSPSI Pasar Minggu, KSBSI, KSPI) participated in the training. The training was officially opened by the Officer in Charge ILO Jakarta, Mr. Peter van Rooij, who also explained about the project and its activities.

Mr Samuel Asfaha of the ITC ILO Turin provided technical sessions on various trade related issues such as basic concepts of trade policies, MTS, effects of trade on employment, trade policies of Indonesia, trade and employment policy coherence etc. The training methodology is based on face to face training which allowed a constructive interaction and exchange of experience between facilitator and participants. The issues discussed are very relevant to the current situation in Indonesia.