Sensitizing Indonesian journalists on quality apprenticeship

The video highlighted the media training on quality apprenticeship conducted by the ILO in collaboration with AJI Jakarta. The main goal was to raise journalists' awareness on how to deal with the complexity of quality apprenticeship issues in a better and more positive manner through their respective media.

Date issued: 19 March 2019 | Size/duration: 00:08:11
The training was concluded with the development of the reportage proposals by the participating journalists. The proposals would further be elaborated into in-depth reporting on quality apprenticeship in the follow-up media fellowship programme. 

The training was organized as part of the ILO’s Project, “Piloting National Apprenticeship Programme in Indonesia." The Project aims to pilot-test quality apprenticeship programme that is well-accepted and implemented by the tripartite constituents and could be replicated by the Government of Indonesia in other regions in Indonesia. 

Funded by ILO/Japan Fund for Building Social Safety Nets in Asia and the Pacific, the Project is also aimed to implement of the National Apprenticeship Programme (NAP) by the tripartite partners.