News and press releases

This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the ILO office in Jakarta and Timor-Leste. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


  1. Piloting an integrated labour inspection system in the fishing sector in North Sulawesi

    22 July 2019

    The province of North Sulawesi in Indonesia is committed to improve its labour inspection in the fishing sector. With support from the ILO and the Ministry of Manpower, they are now piloting an integrated labour inspection system.

  2. Promoting the ratification of ILO conventions in Timor-Leste

    17 July 2019

    The ILO promotes the ratification of three ILO Conventions in Timor-Leste that are relevant with the needs and conditions of this young country. Since its independence in 2002, Timor-Leste has made significant progress.

  3. Employers and workers of Timor-Leste agree to promote constructive industrial relations

    15 July 2019

    Representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations sat down together bilaterally for the first time, facilitated by the ILO. They agreed to build a social dialogue culture in the country as a means to develop greater trust and constructive industrial relations in the country.

  4. Innovative OSH platform and game board for young workers

    15 July 2019

    To better reach out young workers in the country, the ILO and its partners have developed and launched communication tools in the forms of online OSH platform and game board.

  5. Towards improved, effective dispute settlement mechanism in Timor-Leste

    12 July 2019

    As a young democratic country, Timor-Leste continues to improve its dispute resolution mechanism. An ILO mediation training has strengthened the capacity of mediators in Timor-Leste to improve its dispute settlement mechanism.

  6. Indonesia continues to foster OSH prevention culture through its first National OSH Profile

    08 July 2019

    Indonesia is taking a significant step in ensuring the implementation of OSH prevention culture in the country, by developing and launching its first National OSH Profile.

  7. Promoting collaboration between TVET institutions and industries in Indonesia

    03 July 2019

    Three best practices on partnership and collaboration between educational/training institutions and industries were documented as ways to prepare and create a skilled and ready-for-work generation in Indonesia.

  8. Five Indonesian trade union confederations declare their support to the quality apprenticeship

    01 July 2019

    Trade unions have an important, strategic role in ensuring the implementation of the quality apprenticeship in the country. Five trade unions confederations have declared their supports.

  9. Trade unions support the inclusion of HIV related issues into collective bargaining agreements

    28 June 2019

    The ILO continues to promote non-discriminatory policy at the workplace by supporting better engagement of trade unions in incorporating HIV related issues at the workplace into collective working agreements.

  10. Indonesia launches its first National OSH Profile to promote safe and secure working environments and foster prevention culture

    27 June 2019

    Indonesia continues to demonstrate progress and leadership on occupational safety and health (OSH) and to promote a national culture of prevention on OSH.