Timor-Leste resources

September 2017

  1. Business Manifesto 2017-2022 - Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE) Policy Framework

    Presentation in the launching of the Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises in Timor-Leste (EESE) Report and Policy Framework of the CCI-TL on 22 November 2017 in Dili, Timor-Leste

August 2017

  1. R4D-SP Capacity Development Workshop: Building the capacity of rural roads sector of Timor-Leste

    The Roads for Development (R4D) Program of Timor-Leste conducted a one-day workshop on 24 August in Dili to discuss the Capacity Development Framework for Phase 2 of the R4D program. More than 100 stakeholders involved in Timor-Leste’s rural roads sector attended to discuss the capacity development needs in the sector.

July 2017

  1. Third Decent Work Country Programme Tripartite Steering Committee Meeting

    18 July 2017

    The Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) for Timor-Leste 2016-2020 serves as a framework to support Government of Timor-Leste to achieve its National Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2011-2030.

  2. Opening Remarks at the launching of National Employment Strategy of Timor-Leste 2017-2030

    By Michiko Miyamoto, Director of ILO for Indonesia and Timor-Leste at the launching of National Employment Strategy of Timor-Leste 2017-2030

  3. Launch of the National Employment Strategy of Timor-Leste

    On July 17, the Government, through the Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Employment Policy (SEPFOPE), with the support of the Office of the Minister of State, Economic Affairs Coordinator (MECAE) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), launched the "National Employment Strategy" (NES) program for the period 2017-2030, which took place in the Suai Room, Timor Plaza, Dili.

  4. Timor-Leste National Employment Strategy 2017 – 2030 (in English, Portuguese and Tetun)

    Timor-Leste needs to address several challenges in order to provide the required employment opportunities to achieve inclusive growth. Therefore, the National Employment Strategy (NES) 2017 - 2030 focuses on the need of creating new jobs to reduce unemployment and provide employment opportunities for the large population of young people entering the labour market in the next years; increasing formal jobs and addressing current productivity.

  5. Rural Road for Development (R4D) – Phase II

    R4D is the leading rural roads program in Timor-Leste, supporting the development of the rural roads sector in the country. R4D is aligned with the Government of Timor-Leste’s Strategic Development Plan 2011- 2030 and the Programs of the Constitutional Government. R4D is implemented by the Government of Timor-Leste through the National Directorate of Roads, Bridges and Flood Control in the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications.

  6. Project Brief: Enhancing Rural Access Agro-Forestry Project (ERA Agro-Forestry)

June 2017

  1. Enhancing Rural Access Agro-Forestry Project (ERA Agro-Forestry)

    1 June 2017 - 31 October 2021

    The Project aims to contribute to a peaceful, inclusive and sustainable development in Timor-Leste, through improved rural access, the creation of employment, economic and domestic revenue opportunities through agro-forestry development, and a durable reduction in food insecurity and malnutrition in rural areas. This project is funded by the European Union.

May 2017

  1. EU, ILO and Timorese Government sign agro-forestry project worth EUR 12.2 Million

    Representatives from the European Union (EU), the ILO and the Timor-Leste Government signed an agreement of € 12.2 million for a rural development project to be developed by 2021 in six municipalities in the country.