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  1. Opening doors to employment for people with disabilities

    02 September 2019

    The ILO in collaboration with relevant partners, Diffago, Dare Foundation and Atma Jaya Catholic University, conducted a two-day inclusive job fair. The job fair connects companies with job seekers with disabilities as a means to promote inclusive workplaces.

  2. E-Newsletters of the ILO CO-Jakarta: August 2019

    30 August 2019

  3. Fifth Technical Meeting of Focal Specialists on International Labour Migration Statistics in ASEAN

    This meeting discusses international labour migration data statistics and brings together representatives from national governments, the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Statistics, and ILO.

  4. Better Work Indonesia supports West Java tripartite discussion on wage system

    22 August 2019

    The ILO through its Better Work Indonesia Programme supported efforts taken by the key labour actors in West Java to address labour issues in its garment and textile industry, including the wage system and mechanism.

  5. The visit of ILO’s Deputy Director-General to Indonesia and Timor-Leste

    22 August 2019

    The video captures highlights of the visits of Greg Vines, the ILO’s Deputy Director-General, to Indonesia and Timor-Leste. In addition to strengthen the collaboration of the ILO in these two countries, the visits also aimed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ILO.

  6. Regional Planning Meeting for Promoting ASEAN Women Migrant Workers’ Rights through Organizing

    21 August 2019

    The report centres women migrant workers' freedom of association and collective bargaining, identifies the challenges to their organizing, and puts forward recommendations to strengthen women migrant workers' leadership and participation in labour organizations.

  7. Changing Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Women Migrant Workers in ASEAN: Technical Regional Meeting

    21 August 2019

    This report sets out key areas of learning from the meeting, analyses why communication can be an effective tool for changing attitudes and behaviours, and explores some tools and approaches used to enhance communication for behavioural change.

  8. Strengthening the roles of labour inspectors in HIV prevention programme at the company level

    15 August 2019

    In collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower, the ILO conducted a two-day HIV/AIDS training for labour inspectors from seven provinces in Indonesia to strengthen their HIV action plans and to ensure the implementation of non-discriminatory policy at the company level.

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    Apprenticeships: Good for workers. Good for industry

    15 August 2019

    An industry-based apprenticeship programme in Indonesia is creating employment opportunities for young workers and a new generation of workers for industry.

  10. Young entrepreneurs make the best use of technology as business opportunities

    09 August 2019

    Young people are at the heart of the digital age. They think with and through new technologies. They also make the best use of the online tools to develop and build their businesses or doing their works.