Indonesia resources

  1. Salient provisions of the Manpower Act (Act no. 13/2003)

    27 June 2003

    Provides understanding to avoid confusions due to the various perceptions.

  2. Human resources development and training

    18 June 2003

    International Labour Conference 92nd Session 2004, Report IV(1)

  3. Joint mission to review ILO initiatives for decent work and ASEAN IAI priorities on labour and employment – preliminary report

    26 May 2003

    The purpose of the joint review was to explore potential areas for ILO-ASEAN cooperation within the framework of the ILO’s decent work agenda and ASEAN’s Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) Work Plan component on labour and employment and other current and proposed programs.

  4. Act No. 13 of 25 March 2003 concerning Manpower, unofficial English translation

    25 March 2003

  5. ILO Declaration Project to the Indonesian National Police on promoting and realizing fundamental principles and rights at work to the Indonesian National Police

    26 February 2003


  6. SME clusters in Indonesia: an analysis of growth dynamics and employment conditions

    28 January 2003

    Small and medium-scale (SME) clusters in Indonesia are important economic enterprises in Indonesia. For the purpose of this study an SME cluster is defined as a sectoral grouping of mainly micro and small-scale firms.

  7. Social security and coverage for all: restructuring the social security scheme in Indonesia - issues & options

    20 January 2003

    The report produced at the end of the technical assistance input (ILO/TAP/Indonesia/R.20) set out recommendations for follow-up and the project: “Restructuring of the Social Security System” (INS/00/M04/NET) was implemented as a direct result of these recommendations. The objectives of the project were the establishment of a new institutional structure for the national social security scheme and the development of a national strategic plan for the restructuring of the social security system.

  8. Gender mainstreaming strategy - ILO Jakarta 2003-2005

    11 January 2003

    The proposed three-year Gender Mainstreaming Strategy (GMS) seeks to enhance ILO’s capacity to contribute to a more positive enabling environment for the pursuit of gender equality in Indonesia.

  9. When the child can no longer choose: the phenomenon of prostituted children in Indonesia (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    31 December 2002

    The majority of Indonesian children who are less fortunate instead trapped in the worst forms of labor and exploitative as child prostitutes. Publishing this book as a vehicle raised the issue of child prostitutes. As well as an effort to provide a deeper understanding to the reader.

  10. Supporting children's rights through education, the arts, and media (SCREAM): Education Pack

    01 December 2002

    The SCREAM programme offers a unique opportunity to engage a wide range of communiy actors and organizations in the promotion of social justice and universally recognized human and labour rights.