Indonesia resources

  1. Manual mediation, conciliation, arbitration

    01 August 2006

    General guide on various aspects of mediation, conciliation and arbitration and used for training purposes so there will be an integrated perception and same implementation in settling the industrial relations dispute in all over Indonesia.

  2. Report on a survey of women and gender issues in trade union organisations in Indonesia

    01 August 2006

    The study also aimed at filling some of the gaps concerning knowledge about women in unions in Indonesia. Thus, the report presents a summary of information found in current literature, and presents the findings of a survey conducted among women and men who are leaders at various levels in the trade union movement in Indonesia.

  3. Manual for Indonesian trade unions on trade union administration

    01 August 2006

    This Manual aimed at strengthening the role of unions in providing: (1) services to their members, and (2) support to the working population and people of Aceh and Nias.

  4. Social protection in Indonesia - issues and options for development

    31 July 2006

    This report summarises the recent developments in social protection in Indonesia and identifies areas where additional ILO input could be helpful to Indonesia.

  5. Philippines and Indonesia: Child Labour in Footwear Industry

    20 July 2006

    The footwear industry in Indonesia and the Philippines is a source of income for many poor families. An ILO training program encourages them to have safer workplaces and to send their children to school.

  6. Using Indonesian law to protect and empower Indonesian migrant workers: Some lessons from the Philippines

    20 July 2006

    In Indonesia, the number of migrant workers, particularly female migrant workers, going overseas to work, continues to grow, and the remittances sent back to Indonesia by migrant workers now constitute one of the largest sources of foreign income for Indonesia, and thereby makes a significant contribution to the country’s economy and development.

  7. Using Indonesian law to protect and empower Indonesian migrant workers: some lessons from the Philippines

    10 July 2006

    With more than 30 years of experience in managing formal overseas employment programmes, the Philippines is a fertile source of experience which is relevant to the Indonesian Government’s aims to strengthen and improve labour migration policies, administration and practices.

  8. Overview of key issues related to domestic workers in Southeast Asia

    10 July 2006

    Provide an overview of the key human rights and labour rights issues in relation to domestic workers, as well as the possible abuses and exploitation facing them.

  9. Better labour migration administration YESS!!!! Human exploitation and abuse NO!!!!

    12 June 2006

    Brochure contains overview of some important articles of the Act no. 39/2004 on the Indonesia migrant workers protection and placement.

  10. Protection and prevention for Indonesian migrant workers

    12 June 2006

    Brief information on protection and prevention for Indonesian migrant workers.