Indonesia resources

  1. Experiencing working lives in Indonesia’s garment sector

    11 October 2019

    The ILO in collaboration with UN Indonesia conducted a media visit to one of the ILO’s Better Work Indonesia’s garment factories in Semarang. The media visit provided insights and real experiences to Indonesian journalists about working lives in the garment sector.

  2. Obligations of ILO member States in respect of Convention No. 190

    10 October 2019

    Presentation of Jajoun Coue, International Labour Standards and Labour Law Specialist, ILO-DWT Bangkok

  3. A Global mandate to end violence and harassment in the world of work: ILO Convention (No.190) and Recommendation (No.206)

    10 October 2019

    Presentation of Tim de Meyer, Senior Adviser, NORMES-ILO Geneva

  4. Violence and harassment – what are we talking about?

    10 October 2019

    Presentation of Tim de Meyer, Senior Adviser, NORMES, ILO Geneva

  5. Workshop on Violence and Harassment at the Workplace

    Fighting against violence and harassment in the world of work is at the heart of the ILO’s efforts. Violence and harassment in the world of work is therefore the antithesis of decent work. It is a threat to the dignity, health and well-being of those who experience it and their families.

  6. Bolstering the efforts to ensure decent working conditions for women migrants in Thai construction sector

    09 October 2019

    ILO organized a roundtable meeting on ‘Safety, protection and rights of women construction workers in Thailand” to identify possible intervention to ensure equal and fair pay, better living conditions, safety and protection of women migrant construction workers.

  7. Bipartite dialogue is a key tool for managing conflicts and grievances at work

    08 October 2019

    The ILO and its social partners continue to canvass that use of bipartite social dialogue as a strong tool to resolve industrial conflicts and grievances between workers and management.

  8. VCT@Work Programme in Kualanamu Airport of PT Angkasa Pura II

    Specifically to contribute concretely to UNAIDS 90-90-90 treatment targets and more specifically to HIV testing in the world of work, the ILO promotes launched VCT at work initiative and promote because the workplace offer unique opportunities to reach women and men workers with HIV confidential and voluntary HIV counselling and testing services at the workplace.

  9. Bipartite cooperation and dialogue lead to increased productivity and better working conditions

    03 October 2019

    The ILO and its social partners continue to promote bipartite dialogue and cooperation as a win-win situation for both management and workers. Good workplace cooperation are resulted in increased productivity as shown by many Japanese companies.

  10. Southeast Asian Forum for Fishers to enhance efforts to end human trafficking and forced labour in fisheries

    30 September 2019

    The SEA Forum for Fishers (the Southeast Asian Forum to End Trafficking in Persons and Forced Labour of Fishers) agreed on recommendations calling for flag States to protect fishers and migrant fishers on vessels flying their flag, particularly on high seas.