Staff list CO-Jakarta

Jakarta management

Ms Michiko MIYAMOTODirector
Mr Kazutoshi CHATANIEmployment Specialist
Ms Lusiani JULIAProgramme Officer
Mr Tendy GUNAWANProgramme Officer
Mr Irham Ali SAIFUDDINProgramme Officer
Ms Lita OCTAVIANational Progr. Coord. for Timor-Leste
Ms Maiko AMANOJunior Professional Officer
Mr Wianto LIM Programme/IT Assistant
Ms Gita LINGGAMedia Relations/Information Officer
Ms Budi SETIAWATIPublic Information Assistant/Documentalist
Ms Mega Dewi TANAdministrative/Finance Officer
Ms Sam Iriana BUCHARIFinance Assistant
Ms Hermawaty MISNANAdministrative/HR Assistant
Ms Utari Tresna DEWISecretary to the Director
Ms Ida FARIDASecretary/Registry
Mr ASUHAIDISenior Driver/Clerk
Mr Yansen HUTAPEADriver/Clerk

ILO Project – Workplaces and Industries for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth through Sharing Good Practices of Greener Business Asia, Occupational Safety and Health and Industrial Relations (InSIGHT)

Ms Georginia M. PASCUAL Project Technical Officer 
Ms Ernie GONTHAAdministrative Secretary

ILO Project – OSH for Young Workers and Young Employers in Global Supply Chains—Building a Culture of Prevention

Ms Lucia MONALISA Administrative Secretary

ILO Project - SafeYouth@Work: Building a Generation of Safe and Healthy Workers

Mr Abdul HAKIMNational Project Coordinator 

ILO Project – Strengthened Coordination to Combat Trafficking in Fisheries in South East Asia (SEA Fisheries)

Ms Mi ZHOUChief Technical Adviser 
Mr Arezka Ari HANTYANTONational Project Officer 
Ms Yulia FRIDAFinance and Administrative Assistant 

ILO Project – Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth (InSIGHT) Phase 2

Ms Hirania WIRYASTINational Project Officer 
Ms Eka NOVITASARIProgramme and Administrative Assistant 

ILO Project – Sustainability through Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE)  

Mr Januar RUSTANDIENational Project Manager
Ms Dewi C. BUDHIWASKITOFinance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Promoting Micro and Small Enterprises through Improved Entrepreneurs’ Access to Financial Services (PROMISE IMPACTS)

Mr Owais PARRAYChief Technical Adviser
Mr Muce MOCHTARNational Project Officer
Mr Yanis SAPUTRALocal Project Assistant for West Java

ILO Project - Promoting Decent Work on Indonesia's Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia

Mr Yunirwan GAH National Project Coordinator
Mr Irfan AFANDIProject Assistant for North Sumatera

ILO Project – Better Work Indonesia (BWI)  

Ms Maria Joao VASQUEZChief Technical Adviser
Ms Pipit Astri SAVITRI Communication and Partnerships Officer
Mr. Albert Y. BONASAHATNational Programme Officer
Ms RAKHMADINAFinance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Piloting National Apprenticeship Programme in Indonesia

Ms Dede Shinta SUDONONational Project Coordinator

ILO Project – Women in STEM Workforce Readiness Program

 National Project Coordinator
Ms Natalia ChristinaProgramme and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Extending Access to HIV Prevention

Ms Early Dewi NURIANANational Project Coordinator

ILO Project – SAFE & FAIR: Realizing Women Migrant Workers' Rights and Opportunities in the ASEAN Region

Ms Sinthia D. HARKRISNOWONational Project Coordinator
Ms Maya S. ISKARINIProgramme and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Extending Social Security Coverage in ASEAN (ESSA)

Mr Christianus PANJAITANProject Officer