Future of work - Perceptions from Pakistan

The report presents the stakeholder's feedback on future modalities of employment and decent work in Pakistan. It is a result of national dialogue on “Future of Work” a part of the ILO’s centenary initiative. The report is jointly produced by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD and ILO.

The report on 'Future of Work - Pakistan' presents the stakeholder's feedback on future modalities in Pakistan, aspiration of local communities about the future of work and assertion to form the Global Decent Work Agenda for next century. The report also presents the feedback achieved as a result of online survey conducted among 800 respondents of Pakistan and stakeholder's input accomplished during consultation process across the country regarding world of work that is likely to be shaped by the changes coming in future and strategies required to improve the evolving work scenarios in relevance to technology, labourers, recruiters, private and government organizations.