Support to Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PCMEA) for establishing a Carpet Weaving Training Institute in Punjab (Project fact sheet)

The project is aimed to support PCMEA in implementing skills development initiatives to overcome shortage of skilled human resources in hand-made carpet production. The project will develop competency-based training curriculum as well as help PCMEA in implementing training programmes. The Project is funded by the Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA).

In partnership with the Pakistan Carpet Manufactures and Exporters Association (PCMEA), the ILO in Pakistan has revived it’s Private Public Partnership with the Association to provide technical assistance for the establishment of a Carpet Weaving Training Institute in Punjab province. The main objective of the project is to introduce workers in that sector to new skills and designs to reposition Pakistan in the international market. This will be achieved through training needs assessments as well as establishing a framework under which the institute will be established. The cooperation between the ILO and PCMEA is based on a successful partnership built during a previous project to combat child labour in the carpet industry.