Gender equality and mainstreaming: Toolkit for Pakistan

This manual is a compilation of a set of selected ILO conventions – with specific emphasis on gender-equality – and ILO decent work concepts. This is a gender mainstreaming manual contextualized to meet the need of capacity development in gender mainstreaming in light of Pakistan’s context.

This training manual on “Gender Equality and Mainstreaming” has been developed to facilitate workshop participants on the basic concepts and aspects of gender, gender equality and gender mainstreaming in the workplace. Moreover, the focus on the procedures required to impart knowledge about ‘Gender Mainstreaming’ and the importance of gender sensitization in the development of a society and for behavioural change is also streamlined in the manual in a structured manner. Each session within the manual has its own set of learning objectives but more specifically, the main objective is to improve the knowledge, attitudes and skills of development and Government professionals to create gender sensitive institutions, policies, programs, and projects.