Establishing a gender sensitive career counseling CHOICES helping women make better career reducing disparities in employment through effective career counselling for women in Pakistan

This manual explores the role of effective career counselling in enhancing women’s employment and is a formal career counselling reference manual for introducing gender sensitivity for specialized and effective career counselling.

This report covers the entire course of the CHOICES project, which was conceptualized as the pilot test of an action-based research initiative attempting to reduce gender disparities by introducing gender sensitive career counseling. CHOICES itself represents the career counseling centre that was the planned outcome of the project activities. Three educational institutions, Institute of Management Sciences [Peshawar, Khyber Pahkhtoon Khwa (KPK)], University of Peshawar (Peshawar, KPK) and the University of Karachi (Karachi, Sindh) provided resource persons who participated in the project and are now in the process of establishing CHOICES units at each of these institutions.