Report on experience sharing and advocacy workshop: integrated support programme to home based workers

Under One-UN Project “Towards Gender Parity in Pakistan (TGP)”, ILO and UN-Women have jointly initiated five pilot projects to provide “integrated support to Home-Based Workers” in different sectors and geographic locations. The “Experience Sharing and Advocacy Workshop” was held to highlight good practices and learning from the lessons in one of the pilots in Sialkot (Punjab).

ILO and UN-Women have jointly initiated a pilot program for “Integrated Support to Home-Based Workers (HBW) in Pakistan” covering nine areas of “Decent Work Deficits” for HBWs – as mentioned in ILO Convention 177. Purpose of this pilot intervention was to demonstrate to the stakeholders including Government and other policy-makers (including donors) how HBWs could be organized and provided rights and services which are permissible for them under the law. Under this arrangement, five partners were selected from different parts of the country and dealing with different groups of Home-Based Workers. These partners and their respective areas of work and target beneficiaries are as follows:
• Baidarie working in District Sialkot with Football-Stitching community
• HomeNet Pakistan working in District Kasur with Bamboo-Curtains (Chik) makers
• Rahnuma-FPAP working in District Faisalabad with Quilt / Pillow-cover makers
• SAFWCO working in District Hyderabad with Garment-recycling workers
• TRDP working in District Umerkot with handicraft producers

In the mid course of their interventions, an “Experience Sharing and Advocacy Workshop” was organized in beginning of 2011 at one of the pilot locations for mutual learning, identifying good practices and sharing experiences amongst the five partner organizations. The Advocacy was aimed at pursuing the Federal & Provincial Governments for favourable legislation and policy-making to recognize HBWs as “legitimate workers” and provide them their due rights and access to services. The report explains the whole process of experience sharing and advocacy.