Recognizing and supporting home-based workers

Intended to guide and support the Provincial and Local Governments, in developing their own strategies, plans and programmes for the protection of labour rights of home-based workers.

In Pakistan, out of the total working population, 80 per cent has been engaged in the informal sector of economy and out of those, 50 per cent are women. Among the working women in the informal sector, around 80 per cent are home-based workers, which make a huge proportion of economy of Pakistan. These Home-based women workers (HBWWs) usually belong to the poor, lower or lower middle income background and form various age groups and possess very little or no education at all have no social protection.

Keeping in view the rights and protection for HBWs, the Ministry of Women Development (MoWD) Government of Pakistan in collaboration with SUNGI Foundation and Home Net Pakistan and has made an effort to lay down a policy framework on the key elements relating to legislative and administrative measures necessary to ensure the institutional mechanisms for the implementation of measures to be undertaken for the welfare of the HBWs.