Mainstreaming Decent Work through One-UN

Aims to support the One-UN programme by enhancing its relevance and effectiveness. The project has three main components contributing to different Joint Program Components of Delivering As One.

Piloting UN reform in Pakistan is in the stage of full-scale engagement of stakeholders with tangible advancement on the ground. The Government has provided needed support in terms of leadership and ownership of the process, line ministries are actively and systematically engaged in the process, donor community has reiterated its support to the process, concepts and modalities of joint programming have been established, and in various cases, interventions have started on-ground. It is imminent for the sustainability of joint programs that these are founded on the principles of Social Justice and decent work agenda so that the dividends of development are fairly distributed among all relevant beneficiaries.

The project aims to support the One-UN Program by enhancing its relevance and effectiveness. It has three main components contributing to different Joint Program Components of Delivering As One (DAO):

Joint program

JP component

Project component

Agriculture, rural development and poverty reduction (ARP)


Decent Employment and Poverty Alleviation

Sensitizing all relevant stakeholders on basic concepts of Decent Work and stimulating actions for mainstreaming DW in all One-UN Reform Programs



Support for Green Industries, Waste Management, Energy & Green Jobs

Identifying potential for and promotion of Green Jobs in Pakistan



Adult Literacy & Non-Formal Education

Promoting core work skills and non-formal educational opportunities for illiterate workers, child and bonded labourers

Latest project achievements

    1. CEB Toolkit on Mainstreaming Employment & Decent Work

  • Interactive and locally contextualized training material developed (including videos, presentations, brochures etc.);
  • Orientation workshops held for ILO staff, Ministry of Labour & Manpower (MoLM), Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and Pakistan Workers’ Federation (PWF); and
  • Participants committed to use CEB toolkit and integrate Decent Work in their programs.

    2. Green jobs

  • Interactive and locally contextualized training material developed;
  • The project has selected three sectors i.e., Construction, Tourism and Energy for mainstreaming Green Jobs;
  • Green Jobs integrated in National Tourism Policy as a result of a Conference on “Green Jobs and Sustainable Tourism”; and
  • Orientation workshops held for Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP), Pakistan Workers’ Federation (PWF) and representatives from Civil Society and Academia.

    3. Literacy for vulnerable workers (child and bonded labourers)

  • A detailed mapping study completed – highlighting the gaps in major literacy programs at national level;
  • Provincial legislatures in Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa have been sensitized on need of literacy for vulnerable workers and they committed to support this cause in their respective assemblies; and
  • A PC-1 for allocating more resources for literacy programs for vulnerable workers has been prepared for resource mobilization at national level.

For further information please contact:

Mr Syed Saad Hussain Gilani
Senior Programme Officer