Online workshop: Health assistance in an employment injury institution

ILO launched a series of online workshops to disseminate its international experience and facilitate knowledge sharing on good governance of an Employment Injury Institution. The workshop is expected to enhance capacity of staff members of social security institution of Sindh, health professionals of Employees’ Social Security Institutions of Pakistan as well as the ILO tripartite constituents.

Press release | Karachi, Pakistan | 23 July 2020
KARACHI (ILO News): The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched today a customized two-day online training course in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) on “Health Assistance in Employment Injury Insurance System”. The training is being organized under the GIZ-funded Project “Implementation of Baldia Arrangement and Strengthen Employment Injury Insurance and Benefit System in Sindh Province”. Twenty medical doctors and health-related staff from all the provincial Employees’ Social Security Institutions (ESSIs) participated in this online programme, which is part of a series of workshops on employment injury benefits.

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the institutional capacity to deliver health services and employment injury benefits to injured and sick workers under employment injury insurance schemes.
The workshop was inaugurated by Ms Ingrid Christensen, the Country Director, ILO Country Office for Pakistan, followed by Dr Anne Marie La Rosa, Sr. Legal Specialists, ILO HQ, who gave a presentation on the main principles for employment injury schemes, International Standards on social security and best practices.

Other speakers at the workshop were Mr Jawad Sarwana, Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan and Ms Tasneem Saeed, National Project Coordinator, ILO, who discussed the current laws and practices for workers’ compensation in Pakistan.

Participants from the ESSIs showed their interest in the topics and remained active during the whole workshop, demonstrating the potential of online training.

The workshop will continue tomorrow with very important discussions on occupational safety and health led by Mr Felix Martin, Programme Coordinator, ITCILO and on medical assessment and considerations led by Dr Jacques Pelletier, Medical Expert.

The training prorgammes will continue with Development of Employment Injury Scheme for tripartite partners on 22-23 July and on Strengthening an Employment Injury Institution in Pakistan on 27-29 July for ESSI staff members, health professionals of Employees’ Social Security Institutions of Pakistan as well as the ILO tripartite constituents.