Women in the world of work: ILO trains journalists on reporting gender and labor rights

On Monday 7th July 2014, thirty (30) journalists from print and electronic media convened for a three day meeting to equip them with advanced reporting skills on covering gender and labour rights in Pakistan. The training has been organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Civic Action Resources, an Islamabad based organization that works to promote civic action on democratic and progressive issues for social progress.

Press release | Islamabad, Pakistan | 09 July 2014
ISLAMABAD (ILO News): Women are partners in progress and how a state, its citizens and employers treat women workers are benchmarks of a country’s progress and its commitment to development.

This was the theme of the three-day training for 30 editors, reporters, presenters and analysts from mainstream from across Pakistan, which concluded in Islamabad on Wednesday July 9, 2014. The 3-day training follows a series of 35 trainings ILO held from October 2012 to March 2013 across Pakistan for 800 journalists. The trainings introduced reporters to themes of GE4DE, sensitizing them on gender and labor issues and training them to use professional techniques and resources to improve coverage and portrayal of working women in media.

The journalists learnt how telling stories about women from the perspective of the world of work is not just about telling the story of millions of women who work in Pakistan, but also how the state is upholding its commitments made in law and practiced in offices, factory floors, and the informal economic sector.

“Media is a partner in economic progress and how it tells these stories helps all the stakeholders to strive for an enabling environment for empowerment of women through provision of facilitative and equitable policies and practices in the world of work,” Francesco d’Ovidio, the Country Director of the United Nations’ International Labor Organization (ILO), said at the concluding session of the training.

The training was organized by ILO and Civic Action Resources, a Pakistani development sector organization working to promote civic action on democratic and progressive issues for social progress.

Among other things, the jorunalists were oriented in ILO conventions, the state of employment, the conditions in which women work and the challenges they face in accessing decent working conditions that are sensitive to their needs as provided for in the country’s laws and commitments.

Over the course of three days various gender and labor experts facilitated various sessions of the training. Among which included Dr Sabur Ghayur-Development Economists, Dr Salman Asif- Women Rights Trade Union Leader, Shaheena Kausar-Gender Specialis and Dr Rakshanda Parveen- Trade Union Expert among others.

The training was organised by the ILO Project on Gender Equality for Decent Employment (GE4DE) funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Government of Canada. One of the three components of the project is building media capacity to promote the themes of gender equality in the world of work and good working environments and conditions for working women.

“The objective is to improve the coverage of working women and a more nuanced and sensitive portrayal of working women in media so that all stakeholders are better educated about empowerment of women in the world of work in Pakistan”, said Frida Khan, the ILO National Coordinator for GE4DE.

TESTIMONIALS – By Senior journalists who attended the training

‘A rich learning and knowledge sharing experience which refreshed our concepts and helped us sensitize ourselves again and added more information covering all aspects and interventions regarding gender and labour issues’ – Nida Fatima – Producer PTV upon attending the 3 day advanced training workshop.

‘It was a great opportunity for journalists. The real work has started now. I hope it will become a movement and workers will be the ultimate beneficiaries’ Says Shahzada Irfan Ahmad , Senior Correspondent Jang Group of Newspapers

‘This workshop for me was a great learning experience, I really enjoyed all 3 days of the training. In short it was Informal, Interactive and Innovative’. Erum Noor Muzaffar , Editor YOU magazine The News International

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