Child labour: CLEAR Project

Country level engagement and assistance to reduce child labour (CLEAR) Project

The project will support 10 countries including Bangladesh, Paraguay, Philippines, Suriname and Uganda, to take targeted actions to eliminate the worst forms of child labour. This will be achieved by providing critically needed and technical guidance support in the areas of legislation, enforcement, monitoring, development and implementation of national action plans, and improved implementation of policies and social programs with an impact on child labour.

The project has 4 components:

Component 1: To improve specific aspects of national legislation on child labour including its worst forms so that the national legislative framework is in compliance with international standards.

Component 2: To improve monitoring and enforcement of laws and policies related to child labour through improving the capacity of national inspection systems as well as establishing/improving child labour monitoring systems.

Component 3: To build national capacity to develop, validate, adopt and implement their National Action Plans on the elimination of child labour.

Component 4: To enhance implementation of national and local policies and programs and to improve social policies and programmes that will have a positive impact on child labour, such as basic education policies and programmes, vocational training, social protection services, and employment creation and poverty reduction initiatives.