Child labour: PALOP Project

Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Lusophone Countries in Africa (PALOP) Project

The main approach of this Project is on awareness raising campaigns so as to put the issue of child labour on the national agendas of the five covered countries. The objective is to mobilize stakeholders around the 2015 targets, set for the African continent, and prepare them to evaluate progress until 2013. In this respect, the project will build up on two initiatives that are complementary and will be able to produce both strong bonds within the focus countries in the African continent and connect them with the whole world.

Additionally, this project will contribute to the launching of the “Global Leaders against Child Labour Initiative”, also a component of the Roadmap, which foresees the setting up of a Think Tank on child labour. The activities of the Project would thus profit from the fact that the Brazilian Pinwheel March was “crowned” by President Lula, whose support has leaded the involvement of other world leaders and personalities within the Portuguese-speaking countries.

This Project would thus contribute to the generation of knowledge that would feed in the awareness raising activities and the Pinwheel March, A giant Pinwheel spinning around the targeted countries, mobilizing children and youth in positive actions. This movement would start in Bahia, which is the most African state of Brazil, and would then be taken over to Luanda (Angola) by Brazilian children, and similarly to Mozambique by Angolan children and so on until it goes around all five countries, arriving in Cape Verde, from where the Pinwheel would go to its final journey to reach the Conference in 2013 in Brazil.