1. Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour

    Argentina to host the IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour

    07 November 2017

    The international meeting will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 14-16 November and will address the consolidation of the global commitment to the eradication of child labour. Governments, employers’ and workers’ representatives from 193 countries will be attending.

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    “Festival Meetings 2017” concert series raising awareness about child labour

    24 October 2017

    In support of the Music Against Child Labour Initiative, Milano Classica, in collaboration with the Milan network of middle schools specialising in music (SMIM), organised the third edition of the “Festival Meetings.” 12 concerts involving over 20 schools took place in the build up to the World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June 2017.

  3. Modern Slavery and Child Labour

    ILO to host Facebook Live Session on 2017 Global Estimates of Modern Slavery and Child Labour

    23 October 2017

  4. Global Estimates of Child Labour

    The International Partnership for Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture on the new ILO Global Estimates of Child Labour

    19 September 2017

  5. Modern slavery and child labour

    40 million in modern slavery and 152 million in child labour around the world

    19 September 2017

    New data reveal that the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal Target 8.7, will not be achieved unless efforts to fight modern slavery and child labour are dramatically increased.

  6. Media advisory

    Alliance 8.7 to present the latest global estimates of modern slavery and child labour

    15 September 2017

  7. News

    G20 Summit and Ministerial Declaration

    04 August 2017

  8. News

    ILO Roadmap on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

    03 August 2017

  9. Trade Unions

    Towards a future of work without child labour and forced labour in Europe and Central Asia

    19 July 2017

  10. Video

    Preventing child labour in natural disasters

    17 July 2017

    In natural disasters, many families fall into poverty, lose their homes and property, children lose their parents and become at risk of engaging in child labour. Prompt actions are required to help disaster-stricken families improve their livelihoods and ensure that children can go to school and be protected from child labour.