Resources on hazardous child labour


  1. Publication

    Towards the urgent elimination of hazardous child labour

    12 June 2018

    This report brings together and assesses new research on hazardous child labour, following the ILO’s last report on this subject in 2011. The report demonstrates that we have extensive experience and an ample evidence base to assist us in tackling hazardous child labour.

  2. Publication

    An introduction to legally prohibiting hazardous work for children

    30 May 2018


  1. Publication

    The rights of child jockeys in spring horse racing

    25 December 2015

    Horse racing events have been evolving from part of the traditional festive culture into a highly commercialized profit-oriented activity that takes place not only in summer but throughout the year in winter and spring seasons when children face a high level of risk of various injuries, and even fatalities.

  2. Meeting document

    Mainstreaming OSH into Education: Towards a Culture of Prevention

    23 November 2015

  3. Publication

    A health approach to child labour - A synthesis report of four country studies from the brick industry

    15 April 2015

    In presenting this synthesis report, A Health Approach to Child Labour: Example from the brick industry, and its accompanying four country studies, ILO hopes to stimulate further work on this important area and a further refinement of the research methods it incorporates.

  4. Publication

    Instrument for Psychosocial Assessment of Children at Work - An overview

    14 April 2015

    This short brochure describes a tool for studying the impacts of work – positive or negative – on the psychological development and functioning of working children. Its goal is to promote greater attention to and concern for the psychological aspects of child work by providing those who are working in this field with a simple tool that can be administered by non-professionals