Sectors and topics
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Sectors and topics

This section provides in-depth information on several sectors and topics of child labour as well as issues that compound the problem.  The list that appears here is by no means exhaustive and we will be adding new sections periodically.
  1. Child labour and domestic work

    Throughout the world, thousands of children are working as domestic helpers, performing tasks such as cleaning, ironing, cooking, minding children and gardening. In many countries this phenomenon is not only socially and culturally accepted but might be regarded positively as a protected and non-stigmatised type of work, and therefore preferable to other forms of work, especially for the girl-child. The perpetuation of traditional female roles and responsibilities within and outside the household, and the perception of domestic service as part of a woman’s apprenticeship for adulthood and marriage, also contribute to the low recognition of domestic work as a form of economic activity, and of child domestic labour as a form of child labour.

  1. Child labour and domestic work
  2. Hazardous child labour

  3. Agriculture

  4. Child labour and armed conflict
  5. Commercial sexual exploitation
  6. Corporate social responsability
  7. Education
  8. Gender
  10. Labour inspection
  11. Migration and child labour
  12. Mining and quarrying
  13. Safe work for youth
  14. Social dialogue
  15. Tracer studies
  16. Trafficking in children
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