Resources on child labour and armed conflict


  1. Instructional material

    SCREAM: A special module on child labour and armed conflict

    01 January 2011

    This SCREAM Special Module will contribute to sensitizing young people around the world about child labour and armed conflict and, in particular, the use of children by armed forces and groups, one of the gravest violations of children’s rights.


  1. Publication

    Study on the reintegration of children formerly associated with armed forces and groups through informal apprenticeship. Case studies of Korhogo (Ivory Coast) and Bunia (Democratic Republic of Congo)

    17 December 2010

    The objective of this study is to develop a knowledge base on reintegration through informal apprenticeship of CAAFAG, and other conflict-affected children in Africa, specifically in Korhogo (Ivory Coast) and Bunia (Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo).

  2. Publication

    Children formerly associated with armed forces and groups: “How-to” guide on economic reintegration

    12 November 2010

    This Guide provides operational and detailed guidance to design and implement the economic component of reintegration programmes for children formerly associated with armed forces and groups and other conflict-affected children.

  3. Publication

    The Worst Forms of Child Labour in conflict and post conflict settings: results from a research project

    14 October 2010

    This publication provides an overview of a recent study that sheds new light on the linkages between armed conflict and the WFCL. The study was undertaken by the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford (United Kingdom), in conjunction with the IPEC and the International Training Centre of the ILO.

  4. Good practice

    Jobs for former child soldiers

    01 May 2010

    Former child soldiers are being reintegrated to society through a project aimed at economical empowerment and employment support.

  5. Publication

    "How-to" guide on economic reintegration - Children formerly associated with armed forces and groups

    01 May 2010

    This is a two-pages document which summarize the purpose, target audience and contents of the IPEC-ITC publication: How-to" guide on economic reintegration - Children formerly associated with armed forces and groups, available at:


  1. Publication

    Labour market and training needs assessment: Mapping of Reintegration Opportunities for Children Associated with Fighting Forces - A Report covering Liberia

    01 March 2005

    Study commissioned to make concrete recommendations for the current reintegration programme for children associated with fighting forces (CAFF)in Liberia. Identifies those sectors that have the potential to absorb demobilized CAFF and other war-affected youth. It also presents potential strategies for creating employment opportunities in Liberia's war-torn economy.


  1. Publication

    Child labour and armed conflict in Uganda - Report

    01 June 2004


  1. Publication

    Wounded Childhood: the use of children in armed conflict in Central Africa

    01 December 2003


  1. Publication

    Philippines - Child soldiers in Central and Western Mindanao: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 21)

    01 December 2002