Moldova: Projects

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Prevention & Reintegration Programme to Combat Trafficking of Children for Labour & Sexual Exploitation in Balkans & Ukraine

01 February 2003

19 March 2008



Combating trafficking in children for labour and sexual exploitation in the Balkans and Ukraine

30 September 2003

31 December 2007

United States


Combating trafficking in children for labour and sexual exploitation in the Balkans and Ukraine

31 December 2003

31December 2009



Bipartite and Tripartite Action against Child Labour

01June 2006

30 June 2010


Objective: This projects aim at strengthening tripartite and joint worker-employer action against child labour by strengthening the capacity of the constituents, promoting cooperation and formation of tripartite bodies. The ILO’s Bureau for Employers’ activities (ACT/EMP) through this project, will contribute to the enhanced capacity and participation of employers’ organizations and their members in national efforts aimed at combating child labour and especially its worst forms. The programme will target specifically the agricultural sector (including fisheries) and the mining sector, which are sectors where a great deal of child labour is found and which are of relevance to employers’ organizations in the selected countries. By the end of the project it is expected that: (1) Employers’ organizations and their members have acquired a better awareness and understanding of child labour and demonstrate a greater commitment toward its elimination, (2) Employers’ organizations have strengthen their capacity to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate actions to combat child labour in liaison with their members and other relevant stakeholders and (3) Employers’ organizations contribute to national efforts to eliminate child labour. The ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ activities (ACTRAV), through this project will also aim: (1) to support Trade Unions to contribute to the elimination of the worst forms of child labour, and to the gradual elimination of all forms of child labour, (2) strengthen the capacity of trade unions to contribute to bipartite and tripartite action against child labour through the development of comprehensive trade union policy, strategy and action and (3) strengthen the capacity of trade unions in less developed countries in general, using child labour as a tool. To this effect, by the end of the project: (1) National trade union centres will have developed policy, strategies and action plans on combating child labour (2) a ILO child labour approach through cooperation and coordination with ACT/EMP and IPEC will have been created, (3) a trade union network on child labour, for exchange of information and coordination of actions will have been established and (4) synergy effects between the two prioritized donor issues, child labour and social dialogue will have been created.


Trafficking and other Worst Forms of Child Labour in Central and Eastern Europe (Phase II)

30 September 2006

31 July 2010

United States


Project development, awareness raising and support for the implementation of the global action plan to eliminate the worst forms of child labour by 2016

01 May 2008

30 September 2013

United States