Jordan: Projects

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National program to combat child labour in Jordan

30 September 2002

30 September 2007

United States

Objective: This project, with a focus on prevention, withdrawal and rehabilitation, will contribute towards the progressive elimination of child labour in Jordan. By the end of the project (1) sufficient information will be available to support the progressive elimination of child labour, focusing initially on the worst forms, including information to support the Government of Jordan in adapting relevant policies and through development of a National Policy and Programme Framework, (2) the key institutions will have the capacity to address child labour in their programmes and monitor child labour incidences and (3) replicable models for prevention of child labour, and for withdrawal and rehabilitation of working children in Jordan developed and implemented


National child labour surveys in selected countries

30 September 2005

30 June 2010

United States

Objective: This project will contribute to the elimination of child labour through the collection of reliable data to support effective interventions against child labour. By the end of the project, data on child labour will have been collected, processed, analyzed and disseminated. The overall objectives of the project are to generate quantitative data on child activities (including schooling, economic and non economic activities) and to begin the process of establishing a database on child labour in Benin, Bolivia, Jordan and Peru. Specifically, this project will aim to: (1) collect information on the size, distribution, nature and possible reasons for child labour in Benin, Bolivia, Jordan and Peru, and to determine the conditions of work and their health, schooling and normal development of the working child, (2) establish a database on child labour that will be updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available through additional surveys, (3) provide a comprehensive analysis of the state of working children through identification of priority groups, patterns and analysis of working conditions and their effects on working children. These should provide inputs towards developing policies and action programmes for the elimination of child labour, (4) produce, present and disseminate to the Governments, employers and workers organizations, NGOs and the general public, a comprehensive National Report on Child Labour, giving the highlights of the statistical findings, thereby enhancing the knowledge and understanding required to promote a sustainable campaign against the practice, (5) increase the capacity of the implementing agencies in the collection of quantitative information, which is critical for planning actions against child labour, through the adoption of the IPEC/SIMPOC’s survey methods and (6) integrate the new data into IPEC/SIMPOC’s child labour database.


Moving towards a Child Labour Free Jordan

31 December 2010

31 December 2014

United States

Objective: The project aims to create an enabling environment for the elimination of residual child labour in Jordan. By the end of the project (1) a mechanism for coordinating action to combat child labour at national and district levels and link child labourers and their families to improved educational provision, and social protection will have been established, (2) trends in child labour will be estimated, specific aspects of child labour in Jordan will have been researched and conclusions will have been used to inform policy decisions and guide direct action, (3) the capacity of ILO constituents to implement the National Framework on Child Labour will have been enhanced and (4) the elimination of child labour and the promotion of youth employment will have been mainstreamed into the national development policy frameworks.