Egypt: Projects

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Cluster Evaluation of Country Programmes

1 January 2002

31 March 2006


Objective: This project aims to conduct a cluster evaluation of three country programmes funded by the donor. The countries are Cambodia, Egypt and Sri Lanka.


Combating worst forms of child labor by reinforcing policy response and promoting sustainable livelihoods and educational opportunities in Egypt (CWCLP)

1 January 2011

31 December 2015

World Food Programme

Objective: The overall aim of this project is to combat child labour, with special attention to the worst forms of child labor in agriculture, by supporting review of child labor policy and legislation, and by promoting sustainable livelihoods and educational opportunities for children. By the end of the project (1) child labor especially the worst forms will be reduced by providing direct educational services and addressing root causes of child labor by promoting sustainable livelihoods of target households, (2) policies on child labor, supporting the review and revision of legislation on child labor, promoting education and sustainable livelihood and the capacity of national institutions to combat child labor, address its root causes will be strengthened (3) awareness of child labor and its root causes, and the importance of

education for all children to mobilize a wide array of actors to improve and expand education will be raised, (4) research, evaluation and the collection of reliable data on child labor through baseline surveys (BLSs), its root causes and effective strategies, policies and good practices to improve livelihoods of rural households and combat child labor will be supported and (5) an exit/hand over strategy and plan will be established and implemented and implementation experiences, success stories and lessons learned will be documented and disseminated.