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  1. Middle East and North Africa

    Conflict and mass displacement increase child labour

    20 March 2019

    Conflict and crisis in the Middle East and North Africa has led to an increase in child labour across the region, including in children’s involvement in armed conflict and other illicit activities, a new report finds.


  1. Good practices

    Good practices in tackling child labour through education - Selected examples from the IPEC TACKLE Project

    10 October 2013

    The objective of the TACKLE project was to contribute to the withdrawal of children engaged in child labour and to prevent further entry of children into employment by offering them alternative education and training opportunities and thereby contributing towards poverty reduction.

  2. Instructional material

    Buenas prácticas en la lucha contra el trabajo infantil mediante la educación – Ejemplos seleccionados del Proyecto TACKLE del IPEC

    10 October 2013

    El objetivo del proyecto TACKLE era ayudar a retirar los niños involucrados en el trabajo infantil y evitar su ingreso al mundo laboral ofreciéndoles una educación alternativa y oportunidades de formación, contribuyendo de esta manera a la reducción de la pobreza. (En inglés)

  3. Instructional material

    Bonnes pratiques dans la lutte contre le travail des enfants à travers l’éducation - Exemples sélectionnés du Project TACKLE de l’IPEC

    10 October 2013

    L’objectif du projet TACKLE était de contribuer au retrait des enfants impliqués dans le travail des enfants et d’éviter aussi leur entrée au marché du travail en leur offrant des opportunités d’éducation alternative et de formation, contribuant ainsi à la réduction de la pauvreté. (En anglais)

  4. Event

    TACKLE end of project global stakeholders workshop

    'TACKLE', Tackling child labour through education, is a joint project of the European Commission and the ILO with the support of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP). Launched in 2008, TACKLE aims at fighting child labour in 12 countries. An end of project global workshop takes place in Brussels on 2 and 3 July 2013.


  1. Publication

    TACKLE - Combater o trabalho infantil pela educaçao em 11 países: levar as crianças do trabalho para a escola

    01 June 2008