Botswana: Resources on child labour


  1. Good practices

    Good practices and lessons learned on direct interventions for the elimination of the worst forms of child labour in Botswana

    16 July 2012

    The good practices of the implementation of the TECL II project in Botswana for future replication and scaling up. The main objectives of the assignment were basically twofold: a) to identify the emerging good practices and lessons learned from the intervention supported by the TECL II project; and b) document good practices for future replication and scaling up.


  1. Publication

    Rapid assessment of child labour in the agricultural sector in Central and North East Districts of Botswana

    30 December 2011

    This report provides the number, proportion and gender composition of children working in the agricultural sector. Establishes geographical distribution of children working in the Central and North East Districts. Determines the context in which work is carried ou and establishes conditions under which work is carried out. Identifies the dangers which children are exposed to. Determines the importance of income earned by children and establishes the type of contractual arrangements of the parents.

  2. Meeting document

    Exit strategy and sustainable approaches workshop, Botswana

    01 November 2011


  1. Publication

    National Action Programme towards the elimination of child labour in Botswana 2008-2012 (National Action Plan)

    01 January 2008


  1. Publication

    Summary of discussion document on child labour in Botswana (TECL Paper 51)

    01 January 2006


  1. Publication

    Implementation Plan of the programme Towards the Elimination of worst forms of Child Labour (TECL) in Botswana 2004-2007 (TECL Paper 9)

    01 January 2005