Publications on child labour


  1. Ending child labour by 2025: A review of policies and programmes

    13 November 2017

    The international community has declared that the persistence of child labour in today’s world is unacceptable and, in the Sustainable Development Goals, has renewed its commitment to eliminating all forms of child labour by 2025. This report aims to contribute to that endeavour by offering an analysis of trends and an evidence-based discussion of policy solutions.

  2. Ending child labour by 2025: A review of policies and programmes - Executive Summary

    13 November 2017

  3. Jordan National Child Labour Survey 2016 – Analytical Report

    11 October 2017

  4. Child labour in the primary production of sugarcane

    29 September 2017

  5. ENHANCE project Newsletter, Second Edition, September 2017

    21 September 2017

  6. Methodology of the global estimates of child labour, 2012-2016

    19 September 2017

    This report explains the methodology used to arrive at the 2016 Global Estimates of Child Labour and provides a detailed analysis of results and trends.

  7. Global estimates of child labour: Results and trends, 2012-2016 - Frequently asked questions

    19 September 2017

  8. Global Estimates of Child Labour: Results and trends, 2012-2016

    19 September 2017

    The 2017 Global Estimates present the scale, prevalence, and key characteristics of child labour in the world today.

  9. Child labour in cotton - A briefing

    26 July 2017

  10. ILO IPEC+ Global Flagship Programme Strategy

    06 June 2017