Publications on child labour


  1. Gap analysis and recommendations on laws on child labour and working conditions in artisanal small-scale gold mining

    31 May 2019

    The Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) sector is considered “a vital contributor to the Philippine economy”. Studies estimate that 200,000 to 300,000 miners and their families in 20 to 30 provinces in the Philippines rely on ASGM as a primary source of subsistence Of the estimate, about 18,000 are women and children. By the ILO approximation, the number may be as many as 500,000 across the country.

  2. ILO Convention No. 182 at a glance (vietnamese version)

    20 May 2019

  3. World Day Against Child Labour 2019 Poster (Regional Initiative LAC version)

    13 May 2019

  4. Accelerating action for the elimination of child labour in supply chains in Africa (ACCEL Africa)

    11 May 2019

  5. Le projet ACCEL Africa au Mali

    10 May 2019

  6. ACCEL Africa Project in Uganda

    10 May 2019

  7. ACCEL Africa Project in Malawi

    10 May 2019

  8. ACCEL Africa Project in Nigeria

    10 May 2019

  9. ACCEL Africa Project at a glance - Egypt

    10 May 2019

  10. Vulnerability Assessment Framework - Population study 2019

    09 April 2019

    This 2019 study, for the first time, provide insights into the prevalence of child labour as a result of a collaboration between UNHCR and ILO Research Teams.