Training resource pack for agricultural cooperatives on the elimination of hazardous child labour (Set of 2 books)

The goal of this resource kit is to raise awareness, help cooperative trainers to plan and run activities, and improve occupational safety and health conditions and promote the implementation of ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182).

Instructional material | 09 July 2009
The pack includes two components:
The guide is developed for cooperative trainers, offering guidelines on running training courses for cooperative leaders and members on hazardous child labour. It provides essential information on what cooperatives can do to eliminate such labour in their business activities, supply/value chains and in the local areas and communities where they are based. The training course activities book presents a set of easy-to-use course materials for members of cooperatives. The 11 training activities detailed in this book can be used in conjunction with the guide to help provide interactive information to help cooperative members learn how to proceed in taking action in identifying and eliminating hazardous child labour.