Rodolfo Mederos concert at the IV Global Conference on Child Labour

Rodolfo Mederos, a co-founder of the Music Against Child Labour Initiative, will perform with his “Orquesta Típica” on the opening day of the IV Global Conference on Child Labour in Argentina.

Mederos’ Buenos Aires-based “Orquesta Típica” will perform the next in the global concert series of the worldwide Music Against Child Labour Initiative on 14 November on the opening day of the IV Global Conference on Child Labour in Argentina.

The Music Against Child Labour Initiative was launched in 2013 by the ILO together with renowned musicians and partners in the world of music. This Initiative calls upon musicians of all ages and genres, whether professional or amateur, to raise awareness about child labour by dedicating a concert or song to the cause. The Initiative is closely linked to the ILO’s Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media (SCREAM) programme and aims to promote children’s access to music and arts education to empower them, promote their social inclusion and help protect them from child labour.

Rodolfo Mederos’ Orquesta Típica revives a traditional tango style of the 1940s and 1950s. With this concert, Rodolfo Mederos will renew his commitment to the Music Against Child Labour Initiative and call upon other musicians to join the campaign.

Music director and arranger, bandoneon: Rodolfo Mederos
Bandoneon: Rodolfo Roballos, Fernando Taborda and Miguel Ángel Caragliano
Violin: María Cecilia García, Soledad Grigera, María Laura Bertero and Ramiro Miranda
Viola: Rubén Jurado
Cello: Fernando Dieguez
Guitar: Armando De la Vegar
Piano: Ariel Azcarate
Double bass: Hernán Fridman

Programme includes:
• Mi Buenos Aires querido
• El flete
• La alegría del abrojito
• La cachila
• Abran cancha
• Comme il faut
• Silbando
• Bis-La Yumba

Rodolfo Mederos is an Argentine bandoneonist, composer and arranger from Buenos Aires. As a young man he became interested in the early “traditional” tango orchestras. He formed his first group “Octeto Guardia Nueva” in Córdoba. In the 1970s he put together a new group, Generación Cero, fusing tango, rock and jazz music. He has composed music for several theatre plays and films, recorded 30 albums and often performs with international artists and symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles from Europe, Latin America and Asia. With the poet Juan Gelman, he composed the Del Amor poetry and tango series. He currently teaches, writes and performs both as a soloist and with his trio and his Orquesta Típica. His most recent Orquesta Típica album received a Grammy Award nomination for best tango album of 2017.