Associação Amigos de Projeto Guri joins the Music against Child Labour Initiative and dedicates a concert to the cause

Associação Amigos de Projeto Guri, a Brazilian cultural and social association, adheres to the Music Initiative and pledges a concert in support of the cause featuring the Project’s guitar chamber group.

Associação Amigos de Projeto Guri issued the following statement of support for the Music Initiative:

“We, more than 1,500 professionals and 50,000 students from Projeto Guri, believe that taking good care of children and teenagers is the best way to achieve a healthy, collaborative and responsible society.
Like in music, growing up has its own rhythm, and this rhythm should be respected to create solid foundations for the future. Engagement in child labour can abruptly interrupt this gradual process, by giving children heavy responsibilities that they are not ready to assume, by stealing their time to dream and to play.
Music is a language, and language is power. So let us empower our children to raise their voices and say NO to child labour!"

The Guri Project offers music classes outside school hours to over 49 thousand students aged 6 to 21 years in 410 education centers in municipalities across the state of São Paolo. Many of the students come from families with low incomes and the Project’s Social Development team provides support to students and families, including when cases of child labour are detected.

The concert on 21 November will feature Projeto Guri’s guitar chamber group. The performance will include songs from Brazilian composer Dorival Caymmi, and feature her granddaughter, guest guitar player and singer Alice Caymmi. A speech to dedicate the concert to the Music Initiative will be made before the concert and Red Cards to Child Labour will be distributed among the audience.

See the Guri Project's press release (in Portuguese).