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SIMPOC has developed a series of manuals and training materials covering different areas critical to efficient data collection, processing and analysis of child labour data.
  1. Sampling for household-based surveys of child labour
    Septembre 2008

    This manual is concerned with sampling issues arising in the context of household-based child labour surveys or, more generally, of surveys dealing with work-related activities of children living in private households.

  2. Manual on child labour rapid assessment methodology
    December 2005

    Published jointly with UNICEF. Addresses researchers wishing to explore mechanisms, causes and consequences of child labour, especially in its worst forms, through qualitative methods.

  3. SIMPOC training modules on child labour data collection, processing, analysis and reporting
    January 2005

    Complements other SIMPOC manuals. Contains a complete self-contained and PowerPoint-based training kit for practitioners in the areas of child labour data collection, processing, analysis and reporting.

  4. Manual for child labour data analysis and statistical reports
    December 2004

    Provides guidance on how to analyse child labour survey data and prepare structured national reports. Contains illustrative examples from surveys around the world and a large number of dummy tables.

  5. Manual on methodologies for data collection through surveys
    March 2004

    Presents a detailed introduction to different data collection methods in the area of child labour. Includes household-based national child labour surveys; establishment surveys; rapid assessments; school surveys; street children and baseline surveys. Comprehensively covers survey planning; questionnaire design; sampling issues; data collection; processing questions; and data analysis.

  6. Child labour survey data processing and storage of electronic files: A practical guide
    October 2003

    Addresses survey planners, data processors and computer system administrators. Provides detailed guidelines with respect to data processing, data processing activities and the storage of files.

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