Children's messages for the World Day 2017

“Child labour for child survival should not be an option.”
14 year old boy, Uganda

On World Day Against Child Labour 2017, children from around the world shared their experiences and their appeals to the world.

In collaboration with ILO partners, messages were collected from children affected by child labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Uganda and Syria.

At the World Day event in Geneva, a performance by children from International Schools of Geneva culminated with the children’s appeals.

These are their messages to the world.


  1. Said, 12 years

    Said 12 years displaced in Damascus from Daraya works in Garage:
    " I hope that my brother is out from prison, I hope that we can go back as we used to live in peace, I hope we can go back home. I hope we can play football with my friends."

  2. Rima, 10 years old

    Rima, 10 years old, displaced from Zabadani, works in the street of Damascus selling sweats:
    "My dream is to go back home and live in peace, be with all my family and study in my school, that's all my dream."

  3. Huda, 11 years

    Huda 11 years displaced from Douma in rural Damascus works in Damascus cleaning a shop:
    "I would like to go back home and live in peace. I miss my school. I have been five years displaced away from home, and I want to go home and back to School and back to play."


  1. Mg Myint Myat Htet, 17 years old, Myanmar

  2. Mg Thiha Naing, 17 years old, Myanmar