World Day Against Child Labour 2011: Warning! Children in hazardous work

ILO report

  1. Children in hazardous work - What we know, what we need to do

    The 2011 report reviews the current state of knowledge concerning children in hazardous work and presents the case for a new focus on the issue as part of the wider global effort to eliminate the worst forms of child labour.


Video Highlights of World Day Against Child Labour ILO Events

  1. More videos on Child Labour

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  1. Questions and answers on hazardous forms of child labour

    What work is involved and what is the impact on children? How is hazardous child labour determined? How can the problem best be tackled?

  1. Hazardous forms of child labour

    are defined by Article 3 (d) of ILO Convention No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour (1999)

  2. Children in hazardous work : what we know, what we need to do (Slideshow)


  1. World day 2011: Activities around the world

    Events range from policy debates to media events, awareness-raising campaigns, cultural performances or other public activities...