SCREAM around the world

Within the context of the SCREAM programme, an increasing number of young people, students and committed educators are organising and implementing SCREAM initiatives. Activities are often endorsed and supported by local and national governments, in particular Ministries of Education, including extensive teacher training programmes and involving local artistic groups.

Since its launch in 2002, SCREAM initiatives have been carried out in over 77 countries, both industrialised and developing, and the SCREAM Education Pack is now available in 25 languages, the majority of which can be downloaded from the SCREAM Education Pack and Resources section of this website. SCREAM has been implemented in a wide variety of ways, from initiatives through the ILO and its partners to independent initiatives.

Further examples of SCREAM initiatives can be found on the “12 to 12 Community Portal” on child labour. The Portal was created with the aim of bringing together the experiences and achievements of different actors in the global community in their efforts to combat child labour. From single initiatives to group projects, the Portal highlights action taken and planned events from one June 12 to the following June 12, every day until child labourers are finally afforded the possibility to exercise their inherent rights as children.

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