1. Roundtable and concert

    “Today Project” roundtable and concert on Universal Children’s Day

    Partners will discuss the “Today Project”, which uses music as a means to broaden collaboration on tackling child labour, at an event dedicated to the Music Against Child Labour Initiative and Alliance 8.7

  2. Concert

    Teacher seminar led by renowned artist Michelangelo Pistoletto


  1. News

    Orchestras, choirs and bands in harmony against child labour for the World Day in Milan

    12 June 2015

    On 12 June, to mark the World Day and as part of the events planned around EXPO2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, a morning Conference will be followed by a major concert of school and youth orchestras at Castello Sforzesco (the site of the first EXPO in 1906).

  2. Statement

    Conservatory of music "Luigi Canepa" - Statement of support to the "Music against Child Labour" Initiative

    16 March 2015


  1. Statement

    Milano Classica - Statement of support to the "Music against Child Labour" Initiative

    20 November 2014

  2. Event

    1,000 musicians perform for World Day Against Child Labour

    The Music against Child Labour Initiative is gathering pace. Some 1000 musicians, professional and amateur, adults and children, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, are dedicating concerts on and around World Day Against Child Labour 2014.