MAP databases

Over a period of four years the MAP project aims to facilitate the identification of decent work indicators that are relevant at the national level (based on the outcome of the Tripartite Meeting of Experts held in September 2008); support data collection; and use the collected data for an integrated policy analysis of decent work in order to make them relevant for policy-making. It also support the development of national, regional and global databases on decent work.

Through the preparation the Decent Work Country Profiles, a series of statistical indicators compiled at national level, are available. Statistical information on key dimensions of decent work are most useful if made available in an accessible and user-friendly format, and are to be posted on the MAP website.

The project provides support for the integration of country-statistics into regional and global databases: TRAVAIL and LABORSTA. It also provides supports for the development of national databases (Interactive Philippines DW database). 

MAP also supports the development of regional databases, for example, the WEAMU database on DW statistics, the SADC database on DW statistics.

More information will be posted as it become available.