Activity 3: Regional workshops on decent work indicators

The project is supporting multi-disciplinary workshops at regional levels with select academics and policy analysts, discussing the concept of decent work. These workshops are launching regional “decent work networks” and generate awareness and interest on monitoring and analysing decent work at regional level.

As already pointed out, the concept of decent work is useful to move beyond the traditional employment/unemployment figures, which can be largely irrelevant in poor countries. Even in middle-income countries, people’s welfare does not only depend on whether or not people are employed, but also on whether they enjoy rights, have good working conditions, and access to social security. This project activity contributes to raising awareness about decent work principles and builds future research capacity and ownership at the national level.

The outcomes of these regional meetings are available here below.
  1. Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work in Asia, 28-30 June, 2010
  2. Regional Workshop for Anglophone Africa: Strengthening Labour Market Information to Monitor Progress on Decent Work in Africa, 20-24 July 2009
  3. Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work in Latin America and the Caribbean, 15-16 April 2010, Lima, Peru
  4. Regional workshop for Francophone Africa: Mesure et suivi du travail décent - Atelier technique du BIT pour le renforcement des statistiques et informations sur le marché du travail, December 2009, Dakar, Senegal