October 2011

  1. Overview of the ILO’s Framework for Measuring Decent Work

    26 October 2011

January 2010

  1. WHO: Addressing social consequences of climate change: impacts on development, employment, health and gender

    13 January 2010

  2. UNIFEM: Women acting against Climate Change!

    13 January 2010

  3. UNICEF: Social Consequences of Climate Change - Child Rights and Participation

    13 January 2010

  4. UNDP: Climate-Poverty-MDGs Nexus: It’s Ultimately about People

    13 January 2010

  5. ILO: Employment and Green Jobs - UN Delivering as One: Social consequences of climate change

    13 January 2010

December 2008

  1. Persisting Informal Employment: What Explains It?

    12 December 2008

  2. Towards a low-carbon economy

    03 December 2008

    Presentation at the ILO Side-Event at the United Nations Climate Change Conference

September 2008

  1. Programme to prevent natural disasters by environmental protection and employment creation in the Gonaïves Region: Demonstrating GREEN JOBS!

    24 September 2008

June 2005

  1. Unemployment and Labour Market Institutions: reforms pay off. IMF World Economic Outlook

    08 June 2005

    Powerpoint presentation on informal Meeting on Policy Coherence

January 2002

  1. The future of the Nordic Welfare Model

    01 January 2002

    A contribution to Decent Work Pilot Programme (DW/PP) by Jaakko Klander - Government Insitute for Economic Research, Helsinki, Finland

January 2001

  1. "Good Work" in Sweden: Concept and Practice

    01 January 2001

    A contribution to Decent Work Pilot Programme (DW/PP) by Claudius H. Riegler

January 2000

  1. Trade and Decent Work in Era of Globalisation: The Case of the Australian Export Sector

    01 January 2000

    Presentation to ILO Seminar on the Social Dimensions of Globalization by Tim Harcourt, Chief Economist, Australian Trade Commission