November 2012

  1. 1st Aix-Marseille School of Economics-Banque de France Labor Market Conference

    15 November 2012

    With unemployment rising and potential growth faltering, labour market reform has become more necessary than ever in OECD countries. Divergences remain however vivid regarding the direction of reforms: Which labour contracts? What role for labour taxation? Which minimum wages? What role for labour relations ? This conference will try to address these questions through paper presentations, a round table and a lecture.

  2. Annual Board Meeting at 54th Session of Governing body

    9 November 2012

    The Board shall present annually to the Governing Body a report on the programme and work of the Institute.

October 2012

  1. XXI Alumni of Labour Relations Specialists

    1 - 2 October 2012

    Challenges of Employment and Industrial Relations in the framework of the Latin American Economic Reality

September 2012

  1. Jobs for Europe: The Employment Policy Conference

    6 - 7 September 2012

    The conference built on the Employment Package put forward by the Commission on 18 April and on the outcomes of the 2012 European Semester, but also on a series of conferences which the Commission organised during 2011 in order to explore new dimensions of employment policy, notably regarding the functioning of European labour markets, wage developments, flexicurity in a crisis context, and inequalities.

May 2012

  1. Austerity and the jobs crisis: Live Q&A session on Twitter with ILO expert Raymond Torres

    8 - 10 May 2012

    Ask ILO expert Raymond Torres your questions on alternatives to austerity against an uncertain economic backdrop. Join the ILO’s live Question and Answer session on Twitter, on Thursday 10 May at 14:30 GMT (16:30 Geneva time).

December 2011

  1. International Forum “Employment, Youth and Democratic Governance”

    12 - 13 December 2011

    Together, the ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean and the International Institute for Labour Studies are organizing an International Forum on "Employment, Youth and Democratic Governance".

November 2011

  1. Annual Board Meeting at 53rd Session of Governing body

    11 November 2011

    The Board shall present annually to the Governing Body a report on the programme and work of the Institute.

  2. ILO Decent Work Research Prize Award

    11 November 2011

    The Director of the International Institute for Labour Studies has the pleasure of inviting you to "The ILO Decent Work Research Prize Award Ceremony". The ceremony and public lectures of the co-winners, Jayati Ghosh and Eve Landau will take place on Friday 11 November 2011 at 1.30 p.m. Room II, R3-South, ILO Headquarters, Geneva.

October 2011

  1. ILO High-Level Brainstorming Conference on economic, employment and social prospects in Europe

    3 - 4 October 2011

    The ILO High-Level Brainstorming Conference, jointly organized by the ILO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and the ILO International Institute for Labour Studies, will bring together fifteen prominent international experts as well as representatives of governments, members of the European Parliament, employers and workers to discuss and develop solutions through which the region can achieve social equality, job-centeredness and competivity.

May 2011

  1. International Internship Course on Labour and Social Policies for Decent Work

    12 May - 1 June 2011

    The main purpose of the Course was to strengthen the knowledge base on decent work and to enhance the capacity of participants to contribute to labour and social policy development in their respective countries.