Joint workshop

Older workers integration into labour market in Lithuania

The ILO Research Department and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour for Lithuania held a joint workshop in Vilnius on 18 September 2015. The main aim of the workshop was to discuss what works in terms of how the labour market (re)integration of older workers can help attenuate the challenges of ageing. The Government has already taken a number of important steps given that over the coming decades Lithuania is likely to be confronted by a significant shrinking of its working-age population. The participants included various ministries, social partners (trade unions and employers’ associations) as well as NGOs working on ageing-related issues. The workshop was opened by the Minister of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania and was organised around three themes: (i) older workers in the demographic change and perspective; (ii) older workers in labour relations and (iii) older workers in the labour market. Each session started by ILO’s presentation on lessons learned on the particular topic of the session.

The outcome of the workshop was that Lithuania will more actively engage the social partners to come up with a strategy on ageing and how to better integrate older workers in the labour market. There were suggestions on additional pension reforms, implementation of active labour market policies, lifelong learning, changing mind set against age discrimination, and strengthening tripartite dialogue through the Tripartite Council. The ILO Research Department, under an existing MOU, is ready to provide any further research assistance in relation to these challenges.