Training of tripartite constituents by Research Department

The annual Internship Course on Labour and Social Policies for Decent Work organized by the Research Department took place from 21 May to 29 May 2015 at the ILO, Geneva. The Course aimed at strengthening the knowledge base on decent work and at enhancing the capacity of participants to contribute to labour and social policy development in their respective countries. To this end, the course focused attention on:
(a) providing the most updated information on the component of decent work agenda available in the ILO;
(b) enhancing awareness of the ILO principles and programmes;
(c) encouraging an integrated approach to social and economic policies for decent work;
(d) stimulating a cross-national exchange of views and experiences among ILO constituents.

For this year, a total 24 participants – ten men and fourteen women – (plus one voluntary participant) participated in the programme, most of whom are middle to senior level officials representing the tripartite community of the ILO. The participants came from: Nigeria, Kuwait, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Montenegro, Lesotho, Aruba, Zambia, Ghana, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Iran, Philippines, Jordan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Egypt, Bulgaria, Nepal, Indonesia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.

The course content reflected the main concerns of the ILO and its tripartite constituents. The overarching theme of Decent Work and its relevant strategic objectives have been included in the agenda and introduced to the participants throughout the Course. Lectures on these issues were combined with discussions, case studies and finally presentations by the participants. In these presentations they outlined the issues faced in their countries and how they could be addressed by applying the knowledge obtained during the Course.

Overall, all the participants indicated their satisfaction with the Course and the Course arrangements. They noted that the course met their expectations, and made a useful contribution to their personal and professional development.