About us

Established as an autonomous facility of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the mandate of the Institute is to promote research, public debate and knowledge sharing on emerging issues of concern to the ILO and its constituents - government, business and labour.


The Institute provides:

  • INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH to explore emerging policy issues of potential relevance for the ILO and to contribute to policy formulation;
  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES to assist labour administrations, employers' organizations and trade unions in developing their institutional capacity for research, analysis and policy formulation in the economic and social fields.

Means of action

The Institute's means of action include: research; workshops and seminars; internship programmes; a visiting scholar programme and publications.

The Institute's programmes draw upon the ILO's operational experience, its field structure and its unique global databases on development policy and social legislation in over 170 countries.

Disseminating information

The outcomes of the IILS programmes are published in the form of books and discussion papers which have a wide circulation both within and outside the ILO. Their aim is to promote international research among academics and practitioners; to assist in the identification of new areas of activity; and to provide a basis for future policy dialogue.